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Competition Policy in the European Union and the United States: Focal Points for Future Trans-Atlantic Cooperation


The past three decades have featured remarkable growth in the number of jurisdictions with competition laws – from roughly thirty in 1989 to over 130 today. Amid this period of stunning change, there is an important constant: the relationship between the competition systems of the European Union and the United states is the most important ingredient of the global competition law framework. The EU/US relationship is not only significant for transatlantic commerce but also for the development of global competition law substantive standards and procedures.  This Article discusses methods that would serve make an already strong relationship still better.  Enhancements will serve the vital purpose of enabling the two jurisdictions to fulfill the special responsibility inherent in their position as the world’s two leading competition systems.


Competition Policy; US/EU Cooperation; Diversification and Convergence; Future Enhancements

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