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Online Platforms and Antitrust: Where Do We Go From Here?


Competition policy faces new challenges in its application to digital markets and online platforms. This article develops an analytical framework that rests on three pillars: (a) only conduct that, by restricting competition, reduces long-term social welfare should be prohibited; (b) in applying such a rule, it is important to bear in mind that, under imperfect information, a decision-maker’s task is to minimise the risk and cost of both false convictions and false acquittals: (c) dynamic efficiency is a key driver of long-term social welfare, economic growth and productivity. The article goes on to apply this framework to three specific issues that are debated in relation to digital markets and online platforms: (a) market definition; (b) barriers to entry, including data and Big Data; (c) innovation.


antitrust; online platforms; market definition; barriers to entry; innovation

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